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We are currently compiling current membership details and hope to soon create the CGNA Neighborhood Directory. There is still time to be included in the directory if you join now.

Update on Recent Break-ins

Fortunately, there havn't been any reported incidents for a while. Don't take this as a sign that you can let your guard down. We need to remain vigilant about our safety and security. Don't hesitate to call 911 if you see or notice something unusual or you have been a victim of a crime.

Don't be a Victim!

Most of the thefts in our neighborhood are due to carelessness. Unfortunately, doors are left unlocked, garage doors are left open and valuables are left in plain sight in vehicles.

We have had cars stolen, bikes (and other items) taken from garages, valuables stolen out of cars and the list goes on and on.

Please take the time to secure your house, cars and valuables. Good lighting also makes a difference. Lets work together to keep our neighborhood safe and prevent Country Grove from being an attractive place for thieves! If you notice something that doesn't look right, please don't hesitate to call the Police.

Connecting on Facebook is a great way to stay informed!

Slow Down!

Please remember to obey the posted speed limits in our neighborhood.

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New to Country Grove?

Please contact us if you have recently moved to Country Grove or know of someone new to our neighborhood so we can extend a proper welcome.

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About CGNA

Thank you for visiting the Country Grove Neighborhood Association (CGNA) website. Country Grove Estates is located on the southwest side of Madison, Wisconsin and consists of approximately 300 households.

This is where you can keep up with the latest happenings in and around Country Grove. We'll try to be timely in reporting things of note, and hope to serve as a neighborhood forum and information page.

The CGNA Board works closely with the City of Madison and our elected officials to improve safety, monitor planning issues that will impact our neighborhood and address matters of neighborhood concern.

The success of our neighborhood depends on you! Get involved by becomming an annual Member, participating in our neighborhood social events, joining a committee to help us plan activities and explore ways to help improve our neighborhood. Please consider joining the CGNA Board. We are always looking for Board members.

We have created a Facebook page to share important news and other topics of interest with your neighbors. You are encouraged to join.

Don't Forget to Close Your Garage Doors & Lock Your House!

Recently, there have been several reports of items being stolen out of garages. In all cases, the garage door was open at the time of the theft. Remember to close your garage doors and lock your service door.

Although it is common for thefts to happen over night, there has been an increase of thefts during the day. Please advise your neighbors to lock their garage, car doors and house doors.

This summer, a number of people had bikes or scooters stolen from their garages, only to have them dumped in other people's yards.

While still one of the safest in the city, there has been an increase in property crimes in our neighborhood. Please remember to park your cars in the garage and close the garage door. If you must park outside, make sure to bring any valuables inside and lock your vehicles. 

We need to be aware of what is happening in our neighborhood. If you see something suspicious or sense that a situation does not feel right, please do not hesitate to call the Police and report your findings.

Important Information

Architectural Review Committee

Did you know that Country Grove has an Architectural Review Committee? Do NOT erect a fence without prior approval. All fences MUST be approved by the Architectural Committee.

Homeowners wishing to make any modifications which are contrary to the neighborhood covenants must submit plans for review by the committee.
Note: Small satellite dishes do not need approval.

For more information, Click Here to visit the Achitectural Committee page.

Pet Courtesy Appreciated

Please be considerate when walking your pets within our neighborhood and on common areas. Practice responsible pet ownership and clean up any messes your precious pooch may leave behind. A simple action like this shows respect for the community, and gives a positive impression of pet owners and pets. It shows goodwill, and is a good practice. It's also the law!

Madison has a leash law. It is unlawful to allow pets of any type (including cats) to run at large in the City of Madison. Animals found at large are considered to be so with the permission of their owner. Violators can be fined up to $500 dollars.

Neighborhood News

New to Country Grove?

Please contact us if you have recently moved to Country Grove or know of someone new to our neighborhood so we can extend a proper welcome.

Want to Rent a Tent?

If you are interested in renting the large white tent you have seen used at some of the CGNA events, please contact us. It's perfect for graduation parties, open houses and holiday festivities in your very own backyard!

If interested, the tent also comes with a volleyball net for further enjoyment at your gathering. The rental cost is $20 for CGNA members and $50 for non-members who are residents of Country Grove.
Note: A refundable security deposit is required.

Other Information

Newsletter Feedback/Submissions

The newsletter writers/editors are dedicated to making a newsletter that represents the entire neighborhood. If you have any feedback about our newsletter or have any suggestions for future articles please let us know.

Also, if you are interested in submitting an article or advertising in our newsletter and/or directory, please contact our Newsletter staff.  NOTE: We currently do NOT have anyone to write our newsletter.  If you are interested in writing/editing the CGNA newsleter, please contact us.

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We are excited you stopped by and sincerely hope you have enjoyed your visit.

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Help Wanted!

Get involved in CGNA! If you would like to help plan future events, please contact the Social Committee.

We are always looking for residents to serve on the CGNA Board or one of our committees. Please consider a leadership role in CGNA. Without your help, CGNA can't continue.

Our Mission

CGNA provides information and promotes neighborhood activities aimed at encouraging connections between neighbors. Our goal is to strengthen the sense of community among Country Grove residents.